About this Workshop

Motivational Leadership

Motivational Leadership is a 2-day workshop that aims to revolutionize your interactions with your co-workers.  Research shows that 71% of employees aren’t fully engaged, with a full 26% of them actively disengaged.  This makes it extremely difficult to achieve business objectives.  Additionally, people don’t naturally outperform expectations set for them, so when expectations are low or not well communicated, performance suffers. To combat these issues, this workshop will help you understand how to motivate and develop people and overcome the issues that come along with a disengaged workforce. Learn how to get the most out of your business’s most important asset – its people. A Percepi 360 feedback instrument is included in the cost of this workshop and will need to be completed prior to the workshop.

Details: 2 Days

Business Impact

  • Increased employee engagement, resulting in significant gains in productivity and improved financial performance.
  • Decreased employee turnover, resulting in significant financial savings to the organization and minimizing productivity loss.
  • Improved communication and collaboration across teams, resulting in higher performing teams.
  • Higher awareness of personal leadership skills and how to successfully address areas where improvement is needed.
  • Increased investment in employee development and improved bench strength.

What Skills will I Learn?

  • How to recognize and leverage personal areas of strength and development.
  • Ways to implement the major principles of active listening in order to better engage co-workers.
  • Leverage organizational resources to develop employees through coaching, mentoring, and other similar opportunities.
  • How to use feedback and rewards to motivate and drive performance in team members.
  • Application of a program to consistently address workplace needs and improve employee engagement.
  • Building trust with individuals across the organization to improve team and organizational performance.