Percepi’s mission is to provide high quality, affordable leadership skills development, based on sound research to provide practical solutions and delivered through experiential coaching and practice. We strive to exceed expectations, provide conclusive results, and make the learning actionable to achieve personal goals, improve performance of their people and teams to achieve strategic objectives.


Transformational learning for leadership to grow value in their organization, energize their people, and contribute to vibrant metropolitan economies.

What clients are saying about Percepi?

“Learned to be more objective and impartial in dealing with individuals. Realized I must account for my own behaviors and not try to change others. Must change by influence.”
Engineer, Aerospace Industry
“Effective ways to handle difficult situations with my management and direct reports.”
Project Manager, Computer Services Industry
“A better capability for motivating employees. A better understanding of my own personal management strengths & weaknesses.”
Business Owner, Business Solutions Consultancy
“Better insight into my own actions/reactions and how they affect/influence the members of my team. Better understanding and new techniques to try and help resolve problems/issues.”
HR Manager, Automotive Industry
“This workshop gave me tools and real-life examples to take back to my team and use it to build a better relationship to make us successful.”
Team Leader, Health Services Industry
“This is the Best Leadership Workshop I’ve Ever Attended”

“WOW I really don’t know what else to say. I very much enjoyed the class & most importantly the direction our organization is taking in focusing on this type of training, leadership & development.”

Senior Leader, Government Services Industry
“Percepi’s Leadership workshop was well worth my time. The session raised my leadership awareness and the exercises equipped me with actionable insights and conflict management tools.”
CEO, Marketing Agency
“I learned about Percepi and after reviewing the one day workshop description decided it would worth a try to have one of our newest Managers attend. After she did she came back charged up and much more equipped to handle her new role. She spoke highly of the interactive and highly engaging workshop that Percepi conducted and thanked me many times over for sending her to attend. I will definitely be sending more of the Leaders in my organization to attend Percepi workshops!”
CEO, Staffing Agency
“Our Percepi training was very well organized and the facilitators were great. The executive group included folks from different backgrounds and the dialogue we engaged in allowed us to learn quite a bit from each other.”
President, Technology Sector