About this Workshop

Leading Transformation

Leading Transformation is a 2-day workshop that aims to help you proactively lead through organizational change. If change is not handled well, you can end up with a disengaged workforce, sometimes actively resisting change.  In fact, research shows that 70% of organizational change efforts fail, causing significant losses in work hours and finances.  The most common reasons for organizational change failure are avoidable and are related to how the change was initiated and managed.  Understanding how to manage yourself through change and lead your team through change is essential to achieving your business objectives and avoiding failure that so often comes along with organizational change.

Details: 2 Days

Business Impact

  • Increased return on investment in change-related financial costs.
  • Improved individual and team performance during change.
  • Reduce resistance and sabotage and increased employee buy-in around organizational change.
  • Higher collaboration across leaders, creating synergies in the organization.
  • Creation of a strong, localized culture of growth and performance.

What Skills will I Learn?

  • How to effectively manage yourself through organizational change, in order to maximize personal leadership impact.
  • Skills to lead your team through change, ensuring continued engagement and productivity.
  • Ways to navigate common organizational pitfalls associated with change.
  • Recognize individuals struggling through change and how to support them to move from disengagement to productivity.
  • How to leverage an enterprise-wide mindset to encourage innovation and collaboration.
  • How to build cohesiveness on your team by utilizing influence, as opposed to authority, in order to improve your organization.