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About the Course

Innovating for Results

Surviving in today’s highly competitive business environment requires organizations to depart from conventional thinking and create a culture of continuous innovation that focuses on results.  To do this, leaders must challenge conservative business thinking, instill a mindset of change and innovation, and provide employees with skillsets and toolsets that work effectively – every time.  Innovating for Results™ (IFR) is a high-energy program designed to help individuals and organizations move from idea to delivery.  Based on more than 20 years of research on innovation, IFR is a highly creative and interactive program that teaches participants to solve real problems in innovative and positive ways.

Details: 2 Days | Location: Reston, Virginia


Business Impact

  • More than “Innovation” training, IFR offers key benefits in a number of strategic areas, such as
    • Strategic Planning
    • Team Building
    • Sales Planning
    • Leadership Development
    • Problem Solving
  • Through IFR, participants learn to value and embrace the power of change rather than resist it. They see themselves as innovators in the company, ready to apply bold unconventional thinking to improve productivity and profitability.
  • Create specific plans of action for innovative solutions and business differentiation.
  • Ability to make faster, more effective decisions in the workplace.
  • Overcome barriers that serve as blockers to corporate success.

What Skills will I Learn?

  • Understand the value of using Innovating for Results™ in today’s fast paced world of work and make decisions faster.
  • Operate with the Mindset of an innovator as compared to a conventional thinker. To better solve complex problems.
  • Apply the Innovating for Results™ strategies and tools to your everyday challenges and work assignments.
  • Eliminate or minimize barriers that prevent innovation from being implemented.

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