Frequently Asked Questions

Before Attending

Percepi offers leader / manager development programs that have been researched, tried and tested over more than a decade through our sister company ORConsulting. Our unique approach has been proven effective in hundreds of engagements with large companies across the United States.

Percepi has been developed to bring our wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Greater Washington D.C. area, focused on and designed specifically for small to medium sized organization’s business needs and budgets.

The principles taught in Percepi’s experiential workshops address participants real business needs. Thousands of leaders in numerous industries have reached their professional potential and improved the effectiveness of their teams and organizations as a whole. Participants develop knowledge and skills grounded in years of psychological research with proven results in helping leaders and their organizations become more effective, innovative and profitable.

People from the Washington Metropolitan Area in every kind of business.

Participants will include:

  • Small Business owners;
  • Managers and leaders in small to medium sized businesses, who want to be more effective in delivering and growing their business
  • People wanting to start up a business that will employ people
You and your business will benefit if you are:

  • Facing current or future growth/business problems seeking to drive improved results by developing leaders with 21st century leadership knowledge and skills.
  • Searching for price-sensitive, experiential-based training solutions that help: reduce employee turnover; improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity; and bolster employee morale, job satisfaction and productivity.
  • Looking to innovate, improve operational results and stakeholder satisfaction by enhancing and strengthening the behavioral skill sets of their leaders.

Please contact us by phone at 703-881-7746 or email us for information regarding the particular training you are interested in.

Percepi’s workshops are conducted at a variety of locations in the Northern Virginia region, including client facilities and our preferred training venues.

Percepi can deliver workshops held internal to your company, please contact us at 703-881-7745.

Percepi offers group discounts for each of our leadership workshops, click the button to learn more.
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Our workshops are specifically designed to be self-contained so that each workshop can be taken independently and in no particular order.
Payment, substitution and cancellations policies are found here

Arrangements can be made depending on the circumstance to retake a course by contacting us directly at 703-881-7745.

After I register

For most workshops, there is little advanced preparation required. However, we would ask that you reflect on some challenges you are currently facing and be prepared to discuss them with the group and in exercises.
The one exception is that the Motivational Leadership workshop requires that each participant complete a 360° assessment with Percepi prior to the workshop. Specific instructions to complete this will be made available upon signing up for the workshop.
We ask that your dress follows the business casual guidelines (no denim).

After the Workshop

Yes, they can make arrangements individually based on specific needs. If a participant requires help with more than general questions related to the workshop subject matter, there are two follow-up options available to participants:

  1. Participants can receive a 360° assessment and follow up coaching with a facilitator or;
  2. Participants can attend another course to further enhance their leadership skills.
You will receive a certificate after completion of the workshop on the last day.

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